Crazee Daisee

Music and movement is an important part of learning within Ducklings at St. Margaret’s. In the past we tried to make this exciting by using external agencies, but found there was no flexibility and, as much as they tried they didn’t know our children, their likes and their individual needs. We thought long and hard about this, we then created Crazee Daisee who is unique to Ducklings – along with her ‘helper’ Mr. Schneeblee – she provides –
• Loud, dynamic, fast, short pieces of music to move to.
• Deliberate errors to develop the children’s observational skills.
• Balloons, bubbles, tricks and stories to encourage the children to stay focused.
• Links to current topics, themes and interests.
• Non-pressurised participations.
• As a setting we have decided to bring the ‘Fun Factor’ back into the Early Years.